Youth Committee
2018 NYR&CBA Youth Royalty Contest Results:

2018 NYRCBA King- Christopher Roman 1st Runner Up - Nathanial Edwards
2018 NYRCBA Queen- Rebecca Coombe 1st Runner Up- Julia Tonkinson 2nd Runner Up- Elizabeth Frey
3rd Runner Up- Meghan Vitaro
2018 NYRCBA Duke- Alexander Uciechowski 1st Runner Up- Casey Roman 2nd Runner Up- Brandan Weiss
2018 NYRCBA Duchess- Claira Cuykendall 1st Runner Up- Cassie Haas 2nd Runner Up- Amelia Edwards
2018 NYRCBA Prince- Liam Ordway
2018 NYRCBA Princess- Kila Tonkinson
2018 NYRCBA Lord- Landon Ordway
2018 NYRCBA Lady- Charlotte Uciechowski

Individual Participant- Megan Perrine and Kylie Estrella
Sr Management awarded to Rebecca Coombe
Jr Management awarded to Kila Tonkinson
Education Contest Best in Show awarded to Brandon Weiss

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2018 New York State Rabbit & Cavy Breeder's Association Youth Contests!