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KAITLYN SMITH - Youth Committee
Email Address: dreamweaverrabbitry@gmail.com

The Youth Committee was formed to support our youth breeders with the hopes of continuing their interest through adulthood. The committee sponsors contests and fun events throughout the show season. These events are meant to test rabbit knowledge and provide additional support to those wishing to compete at a national level in State Teams or for the honor of ARBA King, Queen, Duke, Dutchess, Prince, Princess, Lord and Lady.
A Youth Decathlon is held (usually Friday evening) at the NYR&CBA State Convention show every year.
Please review rules here and contact Kaitlyn for more information on how to prepare and compete in this event!

For 2016 see NYRCBA'S STATE CONVENTION CATALOG for more information.
Deadline for Royalty & Management is Oct 1st. Education Contest is Oct 14th.

YOUTH ROYALTY CONTEST with entry form (deadline Oct. 1st)

EDUCATION CONTEST with entry form (deadline Oct. 14th)

MANAGEMENT CONTEST with entry form (deadline Oct 1st)

2015 Royalty contest at NY State Convention show had good participation. I hope everyone enjoyed competing and will return this year. The hope is that each year it increases in participation by both youth and the volunteers that help to provide animals for the contests, and that assist me to make a fun and successful learning experiance for our youth.

This year I would like to congratulate all 15 Royalty Participants and 2 youth that chose to participate and try their skills at individual contests. Each and everyone of them should be very proud they stepped up and took the challenge to better their knowledge in their hobby.

This year we introduced the Management contest. I was extremely excited to receive 11 applications for this new contest. This year 1 winner over all was chosen as I was unsure how participation would be. For the 2016 contest year I am thinking of having a Jr Management Contest and a Senior. Congratulations to our 2015 overall winner of Management, Alex Uciechowski.

We had 2 contestants in the Princess Category: Amelia Edwards, 1st runner up, and Kinsey Witherow the 2015 NYRCBA Princess. Challenging herself, Amelia Hoag participated in Showmanship and Breed ID in individual contests. Congratulations to these girls!

3 young men participated in the Prince category. Casey Roman, 2nd runner up, Brandon Weiss, 1st runner up, and Alex Uciechowski 2015 NYRCBA Prince! A job very well done.

3 young ladies participated in the Duchess Division. Cassidy Smith was our 2nd runner up with Devin Lawrence being 1st runner up and Rebecca Coombe our 2015 NYRCBA Duchess. Congratulations ladies, their scores were the highest in all contest categories on average.

We had one young man in the Duke Contest. Christopher Roman is 2015 NYRCBA Duke! Very nice job with a great total score!

3 Ladies competed for the title of Queen. Kacie Douglass was our 2nd runner up, Lacey Johnson was 1st runner up, an our 2015 NYRCBA Queen is Melanie Lyons. Liz Frey challenged herself in the individual contests of Judging, Breed ID, and the Written Test. She held the highest Judging score overall! Great job to all of you.

Our King Division also had 3 participants. Dylan Hill was 2nd runner up, Nathaniel Edwards was 1st runner up and Kenneth Marion is 2015 NYRCBA King. Congratulations guys!

I am hoping to see all of you back that have not aged out. Encourage your friends to give it a try. Working each year to improve your knowledge is key to raising awesome rabbits and improving and moving your breeds forward. Thank you to all participants and to all that assisted me in making the contests happen. If you have any questions about the youth contest or youth education in general, please feel free to contact me. This years deadline will be on October 1st 2016 since Grand Finals is October 28, 29 and 30th. Please mark your calendars and give yourselves plenty of time to do an awesome job on your applications for Royalty and your Management Contest which is also due on October 1, 2016. Make sure they arrive on time and if emailed that you get a confirmation that I did indeed receive them prior to the deadline!

Kaitlyn Smith Youth Committee Chair
Chaz and Owen - TARBA Show 2013 - Melanie Lyons

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