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KAITLYN SMITH - Youth Committee
Email Address: dreamweaverrabbitry@gmail.com

The Youth Committee was formed to support our youth breeders with the hopes of continuing their interest through adulthood. The committee sponsors contests and fun events throughout the show season. These events are meant to test rabbit knowledge and provide additional support to those wishing to compete at a national level in State Teams or for the honor of ARBA King, Queen, Duke, Dutchess, Prince, Princess, Lord and Lady.

2017 NYRCBA Youth Contest Schedule:

Wednesday September 27, 2017 - Royalty, Skillathon or Management Contest applications are due by 11:59pm to the Youth Chairman.

Saturday October 14, 2017 - Education Contest Entry form is due by 11:59pm to the Youth Chairman

Friday October 27, 2017 - All Contests begin at 7:00pm. Contests held on Friday for Royalty, Skillathon or Individual include: Showmanship, Breed ID, Judging, Interview. Education Contest set up.

Saturday October 28, 2017 - Written Test beginning at 8:00 am and ending at 2:00pm. All youth intending to compete in Royalty or Skillathon and or wish to complete the written test as an Individual must complete the written test within this time frame on Saturday. Education Contest judging and results will also be completed.

Results will be announced for the NY State competitions at the NYR&CBA banquet held on Saturday night.





WANTED: Youth interested in participating in Team Competitions at the 2017 Indiana Convention!

August 29, 2017 - Notify Kaitlyn if you are interested in participating on a NYS Team for ARBA Convention.

If a youth is interested in participating on a NYS Contest Team for Judging, Breed ID or both, please let Kaitlyn Smith know no later than August 29th 2017. Team member information needs to be to the District Director no later than September 1st so applications can be mailed by September 15th. Please look at the following links for more information about the youth contests:


The following is the information I will need from youth interested in participating: https://www.arba.net/PDFs/team_judge.pdf

Youth who are interested in participating in ARBA Royalty, Education Contest, Individual Contests or for information about other opportunities offered by ARBA, this can be found on the ARBA Youth Page under forms.
Thank you! Kaitlyn

2016 King: Christopher Roman , 1st Runner Up: Nathaniel Edwards, 2nd Runner Up: Kenny Marion
2016 Queen: Melanie Lyons, 1st Runner Up: Liz Frey, 2nd Runner Up: Devin Larwence
2016 Duke: Brandan Weiss, 1st Runner Up: Casey Roman
2016 Duchess: Rebecca Coombe
2016 Prince: Alexander Uciechowski, 1st Runner Up: Benjamin Mills, 2nd Runner Up: William Mills
2016 Princess: Kinsey Witherow, 1st Runner Up: Amelia Edwards, 2nd Runner Up: Mallory Mills
2016 Sr Skillaton Champion: Grace Gibb
2016 Intermediate Skillaton Champion: Catherian Clark, 1st Runner Up: Julia Tonkinson
2016 Sr Management Champion: Rebecca Coombe, 1st Runner Up: Devin Larwence
2016 Education Contest Best In Show: Brandan Weiss

2016 Jr Management Champion: Emma Early, 1st Runner Up: Alex Uciechowski, 2nd Runner Up: Brandan Weiss
Congratulations to all and thank you for participating! Hope to see you next year!
Chaz and Owen - TARBA Show 2013 - Melanie Lyons

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