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About Us

The New York Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association is an official non-profit incorporated organization dedicated to promoting the showing and breeding of purebred rabbits and cavies throughout New York State. The organization is made up of member clubs which are ARBA affiliated. Two delegates are elected to serve and represent the club’s interests within the Association. Delegates meet two times a year, typically once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Delegates discuss rabbit related topics, resolve show and exhibitor issues, vote on Constitution changes, approve show dates and plan for the yearly State Circuit Sweepstakes Show and Banquet.

The organization provides many benefits to member clubs and a forum for unity among rabbit enthusiasts. Some of the benefits include:

  • Free use of this website to post your club’s show catalog for distribution. The NYR&CBA coordinates show dates across the state so your club can benefit from having a show that does not conflict with other club show dates.
  • Low-cost insurance at a group rate.
  • A yearly Youth Scholarship award given to a qualifying ARBA member of an associated club.
  • A Sweepstakes Contest based on points acquired through show wins with awards given yearly at the NYRCBA Banquet.
  • NYRCBA’s Outreach Committee available to speak to interested 4-H groups or other parties about all aspects of rabbit ownership and showmanship. The Committee provides literature and information to the general public and this web site!
  • Visit our Youth Page for information on activities such as our yearly Decathlon and ARBA competitions for the honor of “Rabbit King”, “Rabbit Duke”, “Rabbit Dutchess”, “Rabbit Princess”, “Cavy Duke” or “Cavy Lady”.

Please contact us if your club is interested in joining our Association. We welcome and support new member clubs!

Click Here To view our Constitution & By-Laws

For the latest Outreach Committee Events
Visit our web page at http://nyrcbaoutreachcommittee.shutterfly