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The State Show Circuit point year runs from July 1st to June 30th.
To be eligible for point awards, a single exhibitor, or members of a group of two or more exhibitors, must belong to an NYR&CBA all-breed club and compete in 30% of the sanctioned all-breed shows.

Current Sweepstakes Reports

2022-2023 Mid-Year Sweepstakes Report – Rabbits – Updated 02-07-2023
**Please contact Judy Blodgett with any questions or corrections.

Please see our SHOW DATES page for a list of shows.

Rabbit Sweepstakes chairperson – Judy Blodgett at
Cavy Sweepstakes chairperson – Suzette Glave at

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2021-2022 Mid-Year Sweepstakes Report – Rabbits
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** The 2019-2020 Sweepstakes Points were combined with the 2020-2021 Sweepstakes Points and Awards, as per the recent majority vote of the NYS Clubs. For information about picking up your Awards, please contact Jody at
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Rabbit Sweepstakes chairperson – Judy Blodgett at
Cavy Sweepstakes chairperson – Suzette Glave at

SHOW SECRETARIES Should mail their Sweepstakes reports to the appropriate Chairperson within 30 days, with checks made payable to NYRCBA:

JUDY BLODGETT – Rabbit Sweepstakes Chair
7257 Boston State Road
Hamburg NY 14075

SUZETTE GLAVE – Cavy Sweepstakes Chair
2748 Lakes Corners Rose Valley Rd.
Clyde NY 14433

A Sweepstakes Contest is run by NYRCBA based on Display Points. All points are calculated on the same basis as ARBA Display points by breed as follows: First place counts as six (6) points; second place as four (4) points; third as three (3) points; fourth as two (2) points; and fifth as one (1) point. The total number of points awarded to an exhibitor is multiplied by the number of specimens exhibited and judged in the class. The grand total is to be the number of points counted in competition. Best of Breed winner receives one (1) times the number exhibited in the breed. Best Opposite Sex of Breed receives one half (1/2) times the number exhibited in the breed. The Annual State Convention Show counts as double points. The State Show Circuit points year runs from July 1 to June 30. To be eligible for point awards, a single exhibitor or members of a group of two or more exhibitors must be members of an NYRCBA all-breed club and compete in at least 30 % of the NYRCBA sanctioned all-breed shows. The points are compiled under the name shown on the state point reports. Except for marital status, no change in names is allowed during the show year. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to notify the Points Chairperson of any changes in the name under which rabbits are being exhibited that would affect the accurate compiling of state points. Points accumulated under Breed Specialty shows count in that breed’s points only. They do not count under all-breed Display Points.At the Annual State Banquet, awards are presented to the top point winners in each breed and to the first and second runners up in each breed. Awards are also presented to the top five (5) exhibitors, all breeds participating.
TO: ALL SHOW SECRETARIESRE: NYRCBA SWEEPSTAKES POINTS To fulfill your obligation as show secretary, you are required to submit a report that includes the following:

~ Your name as the show secretary along with your address, email and phone number.
~ A list consisting of: EACH breed shown, the total number shown in that breed AND the names of the exhibitors receiving BOB and BOS.
~ A list consisting of: the exhibitors that showed in each breed and the total number of points that the exhibitor received for showing THAT breed.

~ A check for fee of 15¢ /animal exhibited made payable to NYR&CBA.
If your report is hand generated, you need to send only the information using RABBIT SWEEPS REPORT FORM. It is recommended that you make a copy of the report for your own records. It is not necessary to send a list of each class, exhibitors and placing. Please do not staple the pages together, send paper clips or rubber bands in the mail as this only adds to the weight of the report, thus increasing postage and increasing the chance of mail damage. There is no need to send the report by certified mail or insure it, especially if you make a copy.Your report is due to me (Judy Blodgett) within 30 days of the show.Thank you for your cooperation.
Judy Blodgett, Sweepstakes Chairperson