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Tips for Traveling with Rabbits

1) Although rabbits generally will not eat or drink while in a moving vehicle, it is wise to provide them with water or a moist carrot.
2) To relieve stress, play a popular radio station in the rabbitry periodically. Then tune to the station while travelling and the rabbits will hear something familiar.
3) Make sure carriers are not crammed together in a manner that will allow rabbits to fight or bite at each other through the wire.
4) Use bungie cords to secure the carriers in the back of the moving vehicle, otherwise fast stop and starts will send them flying.
5) Never leave rabbits in an enclosed car when the weather is warm or even slightly warm. A number of studies have shown that the temperature in an enclosed car or truck can be more than 30 degrees above the outside temperature after less than 20 minutes, and more than 40 degrees within a half-hour.
7) Protect rabbits from sun by putting up sun reflective tints or shades on the car windows. Shaded windows can reduce the effects of the sun by as much as 80%.
8) Place carrier on an foam pad (the egg crate type of mattress pads work well). This will minimize the rough ride and make it easier on the rabbits. Hay in the carriers also helps to pad the ride. However if travelling from the US through Canada, hay should not be used at all.

Shipping Rabbits

1) Many airlines have an AIR Cargo facility which is seperate from the main airport. Cargo facilities take a variety of merchandise for shipping including live animals. The live animal rules should be read thoroughly so that you are prepared upon arrival. Most airlines pre-book your shipment but some will not book until you walk up to the counter. You must hope they have room; and usually they do. You should have made arrangements with the buyer to be there at the other end at time of shipment arrival. You can check the airlines flight schedule and supply the buyer with the flight number and arrival time. There are rules on how long animals can wait for pick up.
2) Shipping cost for rabbits will vary from airline to airline. Typically in the US, shipping can cost anywhere from $80.00 to $200.00 with the average cost around $190.00. This fee can be paid upon delivery to the buyer or paid at time of shipping by you. I prefer to have the buyer send me the money well ahead of time and then pay for the shipment myself.
3) Rabbits will require health certificates for air travel which can be obtained from your vet. Cost varies but usually a group of rabbits can be covered under one certificate with a set fee.
4) Distance and hot and cold weather are factors when shipping. Many airlines will have embargoes on live animal shipping if the temperatures exceed or drop below the recommended safe levels. An acclimation statement for weather must be signed, ensuring the rabbits have been acclimated to temperatures below freezing if this is to occur along the travel route.
5) An approved container must be used if shipping via AIR CARGO. A clean shiny (aluminum) rabbit carrier with a second bottom tray inverted for a lid and spring tied down is acceptable. I have never been turned away with this container. A cat carrier type of transport container is also acceptable but will only hold one rabbit. So this is usually not practical.
6) Do not use hay in the carriers as this could fly around the tarmak and pose a safety hazard to the planes. Use old newspaper in the drop pan and tape it down.
7) Consult with the airline ahead of time to verify the rules. Read the rules. Follow the rules.
Policies relating to the transportation of pets vary by airline and time of year. Contact airlines directly for further detail.  Air Canada (404) 530-3541
Air France (404) 714-8174
Air Jamaica (404) 761-6934
American (404) 530-3196
America West (404) 530-3541
British Airways (404) 768-8172
Continental (404) 530-3541
Delta (800) 352-2746
KLM (404) 767-7795
Korean (404) 559-0244
Lufthansa (404) 530-3792
Northwest (404) 530-3400
United (800) 822-2746
US Airways (404) 530-3334

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Letter from the Canadian Import Supervisor 


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